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La Dolce Vita Farms

John & Andi Sheperd

12200 North Douglas Boulevard

Jones, Oklahoma 73049


Please print this form and mail either with your deposit check, or call with credit card/PayPal info. 

Contract Terms:

Amount: $300 (cash, credit card, Venmo, or PayPal)
This deposit is a non-refundable deposit on a current or future La Dolce Vita Farms Australian Shepherd puppy. La Dolce Vita Farms reserves the right of first pick on any litter, regardless of order of deposits.

*The selection process is as follows: I evaluate puppies at birth for show prospects. If there are immediate obvious pet options, I will take pictures and text them to potential pet homes in order of deposits. The rest are evaluated at 8 weeks by a professional show handler to decide which ones I need to keep for my program. The ones I place will be evaluated for movement, conformation, temperament, and placed accordingly. It is not a black and white situation. I will consider the preferences and lifestyles of the deposit holders and will place the puppies accordingly. If there is a conflict of a certain puppy being a good fit for two or more different families, the deposit order will be considered. My prices start at $2,000 for limited registration/pet placement. Show/breeding/sport placements are priced based on the situation. * 

Once the potential home is made aware of available options, or if La Dolce Vita is unable to contact the potential home, they will have 3 days to accept or decline, in which the next person on the deposit list will be called. Deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to another available puppy should the puppy originally picked by the buyer not meet the buyer’s expectations up to the age of 10 weeks. If no other puppies in the litter are available or suitable at that time, the buyer has the option to transfer the deposit to a future litter. Once a puppy is assigned to a buyer, it MUST be paid for in full by 10 weeks of age or at the time of delivery. If not paid for in full by 10 weeks of age, the rights to the puppy and the entire deposit are forfeited by the buyer.

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