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Health Guarantee/Purchase Contract

This puppy is the product of two purebred AKC &/or ASCA registered Australian Shepherd parents without any visible health problems, known hereditary conditions and is guaranteed to be in good health and free from communicable disease at time of sale. You are allowed a two-month health guarantee period, beginning at the time puppy is received into your care, to take your new puppy to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) for a health examination, at your expense, if you so desire. If, at that time, it is found that your new puppy has any genetic/hereditary defects (excluding external and/or internal parasites as these are common and easily treatable), a full refund will be issued to you in exchange for the puppy, return of puppy to LDV is at buyer’s expense. An official report from the veterinarian listing the reason for return is required. Report MUST include the veterinarian’s contact information and any testing results that were completed to support the claims. Every effort on the breeder’s part will be made to eliminate parasites before the puppy is transferred to the buyer; however, shedding of parasites may still be occurring at that time and is normal after treatment. 

Third party sale is forbidden by this contract and makes this contract null & void as does evidence of abuse, neglect, or accident. Breeder will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for repair, once he/she leaves breeder’s care. In addition, breeder makes no guarantee on eye color, earset, size, working ability, show ability or reproduction ability of puppy. Puppies sold as show/breeding prospects are guaranteed to have no disqualifying faults. Puppies WILL require medical attention at some point during their lifetime. Do not make this purchase if you are not prepared to pay vet expenses as all vet expenses will be buyer’s responsibility from this point forward. Do not make this purchase if you believe this puppy is not in good health at time of sale. Buyer should also be aware that vaccinated puppies are still susceptible to contagious disease though every effort has been made to prevent this unfortunate occurrence.



If breeding rights are included in this sale, buyer agrees to the following:

  1. I agree to not breed the animal before 24 months of age and/or before a complete genetic disease panel done and/or before hips pass OFA with a good or better reading. I agree to breed responsibly & never sell offspring produced by a La Dolce Vita Farms Australian Shepherd to a broker or pet store but rather be committed to placing each & every puppy produced directly with his/her new family.

  2. I agree to NEVER register this dog, or any of his or her offspring, as any other breed & will require the same contract of any offspring produced by this dog.

  3. I agree to never register this dog with any substandard registry & will only register with AKC, ASCA, &/or UKC & will require the same contract of any offspring produced by this dog.

  4. I agree to always remove tails from offspring produced, as this is breed standard & to restrict breeding rights for any puppy produced not meeting breed standard because I understand the importance of breeding only with the intention of improving the breed & that means only allowing breeding rights with the best quality puppies in each litter. If the quality of a puppy in the litter I produce is questionable I know the option to consult with La Dolce Vita Farms is always available to me.

  5. I agree to provide a lifelong commitment to address questions or concerns with each buyer over the lifetime of the puppy I produce & place as that is the example that has been set forth to me by La Dolce Vita Farms.

If breeding rights are not included in this sale, buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy at recommended age by a veterinarian.  Puppy will not be allowed to be bred at any time.  Puppy will be immediately surrendered back to La Dolce Vita Farms at the buyer’s cost and without a refund of purchase price if the puppy is ever bred.

I understand & agree that breach of contract on any of these issues will result in the dog & his/her paperwork being returned & surrendered to La Dolce Vita Farms at buyer’s expense with no refund on purchase price.

No other guarantees expressed or implied. This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of venue to resolve said dispute shall be Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

Buyer is responsible for continuing puppy vaccination & de-worming schedule provided by breeder at time of sale, flea & tick control, adequate QUALITY nutrition, fresh cool drinking water, a warm/dry place to sleep, a fenced area for regular exercise & bathroom needs, & lots of love.

La Dolce Vita Farms, LLC, reserves the right of first refusal and/or the right to place this puppy/dog with a suitable home should the buyer need to place this puppy with another home in the future. This puppy/dog shall not be sold or placed at any time in it’s future without the consent of La Dolce Vita Farms, LLC. We hope we made your buying experience enjoyable, convenient, & professional.

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