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australian shepherd dog and girl woman kissing hug huggin blue merle female Wild Heiress Aussies Isabella Izzy breeder Oklahoma Jones Edmond La Docle Vita Farms


In memory of the dog who started it all...

2006 - 2020

Izzy is the Aussie that started it all for us! My daughter calls her the best impulse buy we ever made. She also goes by many names:

Izzard The Lizard, Izzifur, Izzy Pot, Isabella, Frizzy Izzy, Izzy Girl, D’Furrrrr, Furby, Izzard, Furminator

Izzy was the best dog I have ever owned. She was loyal, loving, funny, smart, obedient, protector, baby sitter, best friend, clown – I could go on and on. She was THE BEST judge of character I have ever met. As a single mom for over ten years, she saved me many times from obvious mistakes that I was blind to. AND she LOVED John (my husband)! Smart girl!

She definitely earned her retirement after eight good years of puppies and love. She ran the ranch and the house! Not to mention….. have you seen how beautiful she is? 

australian shepherd dog laying floor head tilt cute blue merle breeder breed BMF female Oklahoma Jones Edmond Genetic Crossroad Acres Sophia Loren Sophie La Docle Vita Farms


Retired here at LDV

Sophie is a kind and gentle spirit. She is the sweetest thing EVER! Her sire is CH Onthehills Light My Fire At Kiawah, “Flint.” She is a red factored blue merle. She has one amber eye and one eye that is half ice blue and half amber, just gorgeous!! She is a larger standard size with the powder blue merle markings. She is as beautiful as she is sweet and as intelligent as both! She is very capable of herding our horses on instinct and does it well but she is easy to call off without being professionally trained so I would say her drive is low to moderate with a high skill level. She definitely has more whimsical notions than the focused high drive herd dog. She would rather be inside by your feet.

australian shepherd dog running happy red leap run Red tri RTM Male La Dolce Vita Famrs Nashville Nash breeder breed Oklahoma Jones Edmond Genetic


Retired here at LDV

La Dolce Vita Farms Nashville is a very heavy heavy-boned, think red tri male with amber eyes. He is big, bold, and gorgeous! Very outgoing and kind with natural herding tendencies. Nash retired here on the farm and loves swimming in the pond and hanging out with the horses in the pasture. He is always alert for happenings around the property and equally as excited to greet new people.   

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