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CH Indian Dream Labakan Slovakia


australian shepherd dog person breeder breed red Merle male Oklahoma Jones Edmond Genetic La Dolce Vita Farms Best Winner Major Win Texarkana Kennel Club Podium Ribbon AKC ASCA USASA Indian Dream Labakan Slovakia

DOB: 12/06/2016     Height: 21"    Weight: 61 lbs.

AKC/ASCA DNA Certified    Hips: Good  Elbows: Normal

Genetically cleared (n/n) of: Collie Eye Anomaly, Degenerative myelopathy, Hereditary Cataracts, Hyperuricosuria, Intestinal cobalamin malabsorption, Multidrug resistance 1, Multifocal retinopathy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration

Breeder: Eva Zelenayova

Owner: La Dolce Vita Farms, Andi Sheperd

Accomplishments (as of 1/9/2023):

Total Points- 16

Major Wins- 4

Major Judges- 4

Total Judges- 5

Winners Dog & Best of Winners - 2018 Texarkana Kennel Club Show - Texarkana, AR



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